We are in the process of moving our lesson, clinic, class, and event scheduling management online to ThrivSports.com. Their scheduling service, mobile app & student/teacher lesson management tools will enable us to get the most out of our efforts to continue the wonderful growth we have seen here at Prestonwood. 

The first step is to click the button below to register through ThrivSports. Second step is to go to your app store and download the ThrivSports app. Once you are all signed up, you can search for your favorite coaches by name and location or just click on our names below

Chaz Edwards, PGA

Stephen Zaudtke, PGA

Sarah Kim (PGA Apprentice)

Also, be sure to search for Prestonwood Golf Academy so you can stay up to date with all clinics, classes, and events. 

After you activate your account

Please download the ThrivSports Coaching App Here: 


Please contact us with any questions

Chaz Edwards, PGA 



Stephen Zaudtke, PGA 



Sarah Kim 



We will be changing over our website (www.prestonwoodgolfacademy.com) within the next week; so please use the ThrivSports portal or app for any golf instruction booking until our new site is up and running. Please let us know if you need assistance with any of the changes, we are happy to help. We hope to see everyone on the range and around the club soon. 

Preston Golf Academy

Our Mission Statement: 

To enrich the lives of our members and guests by providing exceptional instruction that promotes the enjoyment of the game of golf. 

Our Teaching Philosophy: 

The Instruction Team at The Clubs of Prestonwood believes in focusing on fundamentally proven athletic movements to fit each individual, rather than having the student conform to one method. With the help of creative goal setting, drills and state of the art technology, we can improve our students enjoyment on the golf course.